Musings on Globalization

NPR ran a story in which they used Mumbai as the microcosm for globalization. Thirty-one Indians from rural parts of the┬ácountry move to the very epicenter of chaos and the global paradigm every minute. Second most populus city in the world, with 50,000 people living in each square kilometer. Humanity strangling itself because its more economical than the alternative. Human collectives, agrarian life, and lack of money are exchanged for real poverty, a poverty of the soul as they become cogs in machine. As capitalism seeps across the planet, we are often reminded that human life is less important than the bottom line. The poor are a disposable commodity in this new world order. Infectious diseases like TB and Cholera kill those on the bottom of the proverbial heap, these diseases have been curable for a century. Yet, medicine and the availability of treatment are luxuries of those in power, those in “developed” nations and those who have a vested interest in promoting the capitalist agenda. The consequences of structural violence can be seen in the current state of the world; infectious disease, civil wars, starvation. Popular media has affluence of being corporate media, rarely do they report anything of consequence or that would rile the masses out of their comfortable torpor.

Unfortunately it becomes easy to ignore and gloss over the ramifications of capitalism and the atrocities committed in the quest for the almighty dollar, for we are a culture of distraction. We tweet, Facebook, and any other social media of choice in ordered to feel important, to lessen this alienation we feel from one another, in the hopes that someone out there will acknowledge our existence. We all need positive affirmation yet we seek it from mechanisms put in place to further oppress us, Facebook’s ever-changing sidebar ads personalized just for you, a clever algorithm to help promote consumer choice. Rarely do we reach out to a community, a collective of like-minded individuals who desire truth and an alternative perspective to the world. ┬áThis is not meant to be completely pessimistic, an accidental by-product of globalization has been collectives of people who wish to contribute to discontent towards the system can connect more easily than ever before.

In an effort to advocate for truth, this blog will be used for the purposes of posting media that wishes to expound upon an alternative view of the world not found in mainstream arenas. I am not particularly good with words, or using them to express my ideas, however I feel compelled to work towards something better.

BP and Bhopal

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